"The first Dreamcatcher's District live event was mind blowing!!!! I enjoyed watching Karen own the room & create oodles of energy. The panel was informative & I was impressed with how they were able to be so raw & open. Since last Thursday night, I've felt very open & emotional. Thank you for inviting me & I look forward to your next event!!!!"

− Amy McHale, celebrity hair stylist

"Karen comes from a place of personal experience and a clear understanding of a creative. She has done the work and applied it to her multiple successes. She effortlessly unearths the conflict between your values as a creative and what you are putting out to the world of business. This is a key link between dreaming about doing something and actually doing it. Her easy going and down to earth way disarms any reluctance to work and dig deep. I found my work with Karen so valuable that I will continue to go back to the well for more incredible information and inspiration. I highly recommend working with Karen to get your ideas off the ground and to discover so many quality roads to choose from. She's truly amazing! Thank you Karen with all my heart!"

− Sue Paine, singer/songwriter

"Karen’s work as a Creative’s Coach is up-leveling my business in indescribable ways! I am making major improvements in the way I think about and in turn run my business … I am learning to bring awareness to Fear, meet it with compassion, and watch it continue to melt away as I look at it in the eyes with love and courage. I recommend Karen Christensen for her Creative’s Coaching and her 40 Day Fear Fast. They are both amazing offerings and literally changing my perception and in turn changing my life."

− Alice Fulks, founder A*Light Picture, Clients: Gabrielle Bernstein, Mastin Kipp, Goldenbridge

"I can't recommend Karen highly enough! We just served 700 course participants over at www.MusicTherapyEd.com in our first year of being LIVE. Thanks to Karen, I have some street cred and rapport with my peeps! I've now hired two employees to help me with all the work!"

− Kat Fulton, music therapist + entrepreneur

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