As a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and iPEC Leadership Coach – I am here to lead, Leaders.

If you are ambitious, action oriented, audacious in your vision, and available to learn how to override fear and to do whatever it takes to become who you most long to be, I want to be your relentless reminder, your catalyst for change, your vision vault.

Together, we’ll move you from ideas to implementation, integrating the right and the left brain, the masculine and the feminine, the extrovert and the introvert, the flow and the grit. Through grace and gratitude, hustle and heart, you’ll finally embody the fullness of your desire AND your love for what already is. Become the Creative Director of your life and career.

You are here to buck the status quo, to live your legacy now, and to share your message with the world, as a change maker and an influencer.

No more pushing, no more waiting. Finally, at long last, you are ready to break wide open, willing to give and to receive, igniting your intrinsic motivation, mastering the journey, and letting go of anything that’s been holding you back.

You believe that not only is anything possible, it’s probable.
You see “challenges” as opportunities and relish the journey as much as the destination.

You don’t just need this. YOU WANT THIS. Now, more than ever.

YOU are investing in YOU, ready to experience a return 100 fold in life and career.

:: Entrepreneur {creative, start up, small business, author, multipassionate},
:: Performer {actor, musician, comedian, dancer, speaker},
:: Content Creator {bloggers, designers, photographers, filmmakers},
:: Thought Leader {teacher, coach, yogi, nutritionist, practitioner},
:: In Transition {career change, launch mode, solopreneur, sophomore slump, or next level 6 and 7 figures}.

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:: 80% Women, 20% Men,
:: Gen X and Millennials,
:: Right and Left Brains,
:: Type A and Type B,
:: High Performers,
:: Ambitious,
:: Early Adopters,
:: Trendsetters,
:: Actionistas,
:: Visionaries,
:: Do-ers,
:: Hustlers,
:: Mobilizers,
:: Connectors,
:: Progressives,
:: Spiritually Curious {all embracing},
:: Adventurers,
:: Rule Breakers,
:: Wanderlusts,
:: Lifelong Learners,
:: Wellness Warriors,
:: Optimists {or optimists in training},
:: Activists,
:: Freedom Seekers,
:: Purpose Finders,
:: Out-of-the-Box Thinkers,
:: Aspiring, Surviving, Succeeding, Thriving and Mentoring

Who Tend To Need To:
:: Move from burnout to break through,
:: Own their truest calling,
:: Upgrade to next level,
:: Experience more ease, grace, intuition,
:: Gain clarity, confidence, community,
:: Build systems, structures, strategies,
:: Secure more leverage + scaleability,
:: Create a lifestyle + legacy,
:: Implement, Implement, Implement,
:: Change your emotional/mental/physical state on demand,
:: Stop chasing the next brass ring,
:: Stop hustling, pushing, controlling, perfecting,
:: Stop information gathering, certification collecting,
:: Build trust muscles, embrace feminine leadership, receive,
:: Discover your strengths,
:: Improve focus + follow through,
:: Uncover and align your desires + values,
:: Remove blocks around marketing, money, sales,
:: Understand patterns of guilt, shame, fear, regret,
:: Let go of self-doubt, procrastination, burnout, perfectionism,
:: Build a bridge career while pursuing your big dream,
:: Leave corporate and launch your true legacy,
:: Create a side passion project,
:: Stop playing small,
:: Heal fears of success and fears of failure,
:: Activate and Maximize your mission,
:: Build your tribe, feel more supported,
:: Reboot your system, remember you’ve done it before,
:: Raise your consciousness, increase your energy, embody more joy,
:: Discern your priorities, become the Creative Director,
:: Discover how to have true health, wealth, passion, love, purpose,
:: Invest in yourself and your career in a way that has 100x the return,
:: Feel authentic, fulfilled, creative, organized, whole, and good enough.

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Coaching Spheres include but are not limited to:
:: Physical {diet, exercise, body image, energy, libido, alertness, sleep}
:: Emotional {beliefs, doubts, regrets, perfectionism, people pleasing, burnout}
:: Relational {partner, family, friends, clients, peers, self, nature, spirit}
:: Productive {procrastination, focus, follow through, reputation, reliability}
:: Professional {career/biz, marketing, strengths, confidence, clarity, profits}
:: Financial {next level, guilt free spending, saving, investing, self-worth}
:: Purposeful {mission, giving back, celebration, connection, legacy, gratitude}

Weekly Coaching Calls Include:
:: 60 or 90min sessions for 12weeks minimum, often 9mo incubators,
:: confidential container,
:: client-led topic selection,
:: catalyst challenges,
:: exercises and funwork,
:: 90-day “Dream Themes” and “Project Pushes”
:: 30-day “Bold Goals” including promotional support,
:: Bonus Q&A for On-The-Spot-Support during additional “office hours”
:: Lifetime access to recordings of all sessions for you to review as needed

“GET INVITED: Free 30min Invitation Session + Bonus DIY Coaching Tool”

Want a TOACH-MOACH™ {Trainer-Mentor-Coach} in addition to a typical COACH?
Weekly Calls Include Everything Above PLUS:***
:: toach-moach™ led trainings,
:: toach-moach-led topic selection,
:: guided visualizations + meditation,
:: done-for-you wellness plans + daily rituals,
:: done-for-you strategic systems + steps,
:: done-for-you mentorship + lessons learned,
:: done-for-you assessment + 360degree review,
:: access to contacts, network, and referrals

“GET INVITED: Free 30min Invitation Session + Bonus DIY Coaching Tool”

:: Limited Edition,
:: In-person, Private, 4-8hr {or 2 night, full day, retreat option}
:: Held in Los Angeles and Claremont, CA,
:: Deep Dive + Strategy Sessions,
:: Breakthrough Blocks + Mastermind Your Action Plan,
:: Optional continuous coaching or toach-moaching™ in weeks ahead,
:: Restorative self-care {reiki, massage, yoga, spa, hike},
:: Nourishing detox meals, juices, teas, dark chocolates,
:: Custom designed daily rituals and Fire Ceremony for “letting go,”
:: Done-for-you systems, strategies, steps, and support with resources,
:: Designed for the woman who needs a total reboot & immediate road map,
:: Discounted package for small groups; gatherings of 2-4 or 6-12 like-minds,
:: Bonus Surprises for more insight, celebration, and activation!

“GET INVITED: Free 30min Invitation Session + Bonus DIY Coaching Tool”

*Limited number of On-the-Spot, Laser, Coaching/Directing sessions
Relaxation Techniques, Visualization, and Practical Strategies for success:

:: audition prep,
:: pitch meeting prep,
:: job interview prep,
:: investor ask prep,
:: speaking prep,
:: brand audit,
:: 360 Review + Energy Leadership Assessment of you and your team

“GET INVITED: Free 30min Invitation Session + Bonus DIY Coaching Tool”

Whether you are Aspiring, Surviving, Succeeding, Thriving or even a Mentoring Dreamcatcher
We all need and deserve support. No one of us can go it alone. Turn your ideas into realities, your strengths into successes, your desires into commitments, your passion into purpose.

Daily Excellence + Wellness rituals, plus In-the-moment Redirect Techniques:
For staying present and compassionate over:
:: fear,
:: regret,
:: jealousy,
:: procrastination,
:: difficult transitions,
:: limiting core beliefs,
:: perfectionism,
:: indecision,
:: burnout,
:: people pleasing,
:: stories around money, relationships, career, marketing, body image, etc.

Experience easy confidence, more FLOW, better focus, follow through, and freedom.
Master the understandings of who you are and who you are not. Build your muscles for stamina, courage, and GRIT — even when the going gets tough.

Experience more peace and more joy
Strengthen your curiosity and engagement muscles as well as your discipline and dedication. Live all in, fully committed.

Discover your natural given strengths
Get more done in less time and with better confidence. Learn how you are best positioned and served in work and in life, based on your natural talents and untamed desires.

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:: Learn about next enrollment, Creative Direction, and various ways of working together,
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