"Dreamcatchers District will SERIOUSLY shed 5-10 years off your career pursuits. When I think of how long I tooled around and wasted opportunities, relationships, money — just be glad this exists. "

− Mabel Michael, grad student + filmmaker

"Before working with Karen and becoming part of the Dreamcatchers District community I was totally lost. I'd chased success for so long that I forgot why I even wanted the things I did. I had no purpose. Now I feel totally reprogramed. I know who I am, what I want, and how to get there. When I get stuck I have not only tools and strategies but also incredibly generous, fun, top-tier talent for accountability. It's night and day. We're the A Team."

− Samantha Willard, writer + producer


If Happy Hour, TED, and Coachella had a lovechild — the Dreamcatcher’s District live events would be it. An interactive hotbed of inspiration, education, and connection for creative change-makers looking to Face Fear, Get Noticed, and Feel Free in life and career.

Creative Direction for your inner brand. That’s what this is. 

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Connect with likeminded trendsetters and influencers in Entertainment, Social Media, Business, Noprofit, and Wellness. Where the aspiring and the thriving learn together and where right and left brains come to play.

The place to be to remember WHY you started.

Experience a total reboot of the mind, body, and spirit. Unplug with Music, Comedy, Transformational Talks, Panel Discussions, Q&As, Meditation, Incantations, Strategies, Ping Pong, Dance, Swag and Good Eats — all guided by Dreamcatchers District founder Karen Christensen. Leave focused, fearless, fun-fueled, and free. Learn peak performance strategies and daily rituals to become the happiest and most successful person you know. Discover your purpose and gain an inspired, all-embracing, tribe to help you stay on course. Through the teachings of Flow and Grit, experience more easy confidence and build more courage.

Photographers, Designers, Content Marketers, Makers, Performers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Copywriters, Thought Leaders, Art Departments, Talent Agencies, Production Studios, Innovators, Professors, Students, Nonprofits and everyday folk.

—> Get on the invite list via the “GET INVITED” tab to receive advanced notice and early bird seating. Tickets WILL SELL OUT in advance. <—

Refocus. Reboot. Re-engage. Together.

Founder Dreamcatcher’s District
Speaker // Host // Coach // Creative Director

Karen Christensen has earned press and praise on and off camera as a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, thought leader and activist. She shares her lessons learned, strategic systems, maximizer mindset and insatiable curiosity with Millennials and Gen X’rs, via live events and virtual communities.

Leading transformational talks, interviews, meditations, mentorship mastermind programs, trainings and retreats — Karen is a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and iPEC Leadership Coach. Specializing in Creative Direction, Peak Performance, and Mindfulness for ambitious, socially driven, innovative folk — she activates your visions into realities with humor and honesty, grace and gratitude, education and entertainment. Speaking has taken Karen from SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX, to the International Ocean’s Film Festival in Germany, and throughout Los Angeles where she lives with her husband.