Karen Christensen, Founder Dreamcatcher's District

Karen Christensen, Founder Dreamcatcher's District

Speaker // Host // Coach // Creative Director

Karen Christensen has earned press and praise on and off camera as a multi-passionate, creative entrepreneur, thought leader and activist. She shares her lessons learned, strategic systems, maximizer mindset and insatiable curiosity with Millennials and Gen X'rs, via live events and virtual communities. A celebrant of slash careers, Karen has garnered success as an: Actor // Photographer // Filmmaker .

Leading transformational talks, interviews, meditations, mentorship mastermind programs, trainings and retreats — Karen is a Certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and iPEC Leadership Coach. Specializing in Creative Direction, Peak Performance, and Mindfulness for ambitious, socially driven, innovative folk — she activates your visions into realities with humor and honesty, grace and gratitude, education and entertainment. Speaking has taken Karen from SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX, to the International Ocean's Film Festival in Germany, and throughout Los Angeles where she lives with her husband.

Having first hacked it out on her own in Hollywood at 19 — briefly acting in roles for MTV, NBC, CBS, FOX Searchlight, before securing more creative control behind the lens — Karen understands the pressures and the wonders of the freelancer, artist, lifelong learner.

The Co-Producer and Photographer for Showtime's acclaimed documentary film, ``The Other Shore: The Diana Nyad Story,`` Karen's consumer, celebrity, and commercial images are seen in: Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, Showtime, SXSW, Success Magazine, ESPN, CNN, The Los Angeles Times, Mastercard, HGTV, YouTube, KCRW, Gibson, The Wedding Chicks, The Bump and more.

Find your VOICE.

Build your VISIBILITY.

Focus your VALUES.

This is authentic Creative Direction for your inner brand.

Today, Karen helps:

:: Creative Entrepreneurs - envision, design, launch, market, and up-level their businesses and lifestyles.
:: Photographers, Designers, Content Marketers, Filmmakers, Performers - enjoy the journey as much as the destination.
:: Fellow Thought Leaders, Coaches, Therapists, Heartpreneurs - feel as supported as those they serve.

Clients and attendees learn the Art of Being, The Science of Success, and the Business of Creativity to:

:: Rewire their stories,
:: Implement better strategies,
:: Evoke high performance and mastery over mental, emotional, and physical blocks and state changes, so they can ...
:: Experience more clarity, enthusiasm, focus, balance, confidence, satisfaction, purpose, wealth, health and freedom.


``For me, the road to the Emerald City was paved with a lot of flying monkeys. By 23 I'd endured my fair share of difficulty: domestic violence, disordered eating, death of a friend, fear of failure, massive self-doubt and procrastination. To the outside world I looked like I had it all together. Inside, I felt trapped and alone — like an imposter.

When I finally learned how to rewire my thinking, to put myself ``out there,`` to treat my desires like signposts, my talents like responsibilities, and my fears like opportunities — things changed. DRAMATICALLY. I learned to worry less about what others thought and tapped more into what I thought, finally dropping all those people-pleasing and perfectionist habits, which left me feeling burned out, not enough, and selfish for craving more. My worth was no longer defined by my achievements, my weight, my relationship status, or what I did or did not DO. My true value, I now believe, is in who I AM being; in how I AM showing up; in ALLOWING myself to be my most authentic, my most courageous, my most artistically expressed and fulfilled. Prestige, projects, and profits are icing on the cake!

Through the help of coaches, therapy, mentors, trainers, The Arts, wellness and community — I implemented the teachings of Neuroscience, Psychology, Meditation, Nutrition, Physiology, EFT, Performance, Intrinsic Drive, and top Business and Marketing Strategies. Only then did I transform my experience. I not only had the external successes but I had (more importantly) the internal satisfaction to sustain them. Balancing (finally) the right and left brain, the masculine and the feminine, the hustle and the heart — I caught my dream. It was within me all along. And I continue to nurture it, with grace and gratitude, everyday since.

Dreamcatcher's District is my place to peel the curtain back on OZ, on self-discovery and healing, to share meaningful ways to Face Fear, Be Counted, and Feel Free. We all can fall vulnerable to blocks in our beliefs, body, business. What matters is what we do about it. Remembering WHO we are, WHY we are here, and HOW to align our passions, purpose, and profits is what brings more experiences of Flow, developing the GRIT that keeps us resilient and courageous.

Let's pave your yellow brick road with more success, more balance, and more meaning. Let's discover your strengths, values, desires, and set you up with daily rituals, mindset, and community to support your best self.

You deserve a life and career that matters, that's deliberate and chosen. And the world needs you to honor that freedom; to recognize that luxury; and to pay it forward.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when? ``
~Karen Christensen


Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Was it worth it?